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SIE Project News Update 1: 9/23/2021

Posted by SIE1 - 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone, in this blog post I will be updating you all on the projects I am working on or am involved within a leading role and discussing their status as of writing this. As for a schedule, I am unsure how often these will be made, probably every few months as things get ground out and worked on further.

Project One:

Project One Overall Length:

As of writing, this will probably be the longest of the three projects in terms of run time and content. It is currently undergoing a story overhaul to make it be as good as it possibly can.

Project One Engine:

This project will be put together in rpgmaker vx ace.

Project One Writing:

There has been a lot of writing put together for this project thus far but there is still a lot of writing yet to be done and finalized for this project, especially with the overhaul.

Project One Art:

There has been a lot of art made for this project thus far, some may need to be changed or retooled because of the story overhaul but that's a bridge that will be crossed when it is reached.

Project One Music:

Some tracks have been made for this project so far, and I imagine there is still a lot of music tracks still remaining to be made for this project until the soundtrack for it is completely finished.

Project Two:

Project Two Overall Length:

This project will be the second-longest of the three projects that I am going over in this news update.

Project Two Engine:

This project will be put together in rpgmaker vx ace.

Project Two Writing:

There has been some writing put together for this project but there is still a lot remaining to be written and put together for it as of writing this.

Project Two Art:

There have been some sprites made for this project but writing is the major priority for it right now.

Project Two Music:

There have been no musical tracks made for this project because it is too early to make any for it as of writing this.

Project Three:

Project Three Overall Length:

This is planned to be the shortest of the three projects on which I am working, in terms of run time.

Project Three Engine:

As far as the engine for this project goes, this project will be put together in rpgmaker vx ace as it is the engine with which I have the most experience. 

Project Three Writing:

This project will not be very "lore intensive" due to it being simpler in terms of the overall goal for it trying to hearken back to a few years ago in terms of other related projects and as such be more focused on the overarching story for it and other broader aspects.

Project Three Art:

As of writing this, this project's art will be handled by one other person, and myself. We have a very clear vision for this project's art style and I hope that those who decide to take a look at it enjoy its faster take on the typical art style that these sorts of projects go for, while also taking art and spriting lessons that we have learned over our time working on things so far and applying it to this project as a whole.

Project Three Music:

Currently, One music track has been made for this project thus far. I have a running sort of quality that I have in mind for this project's music but it's a little early to start having music-making for it to be a major priority as there's still a fair bit of work to be done for the project's other aspects before focusing on getting music made would make sense.